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Osprey Safaris Namibia and Okamapu Safari Ranch is owned and operated by the Basson family. We specialize in Rifle & Bow Hunting, Photographic Safaris, Wing Shooting, Caprivi Tiger Fishing and Atlantic Deep Sea Fishing Trips. 


The 12,000 acre Okamapu Safari Ranch is located in the heart of the Namibian brush, 68 miles northwest of the Hosea Kutako International Airport. The Ranch offers more than 20 species of Trophy animals providing low fence and game fence opportunities. 200,000 additional acres of concessions and family land is available to hunt with over 30 species. 


Interested in a hunting safari? Osprey Safaris in Namibia is a perfect destination not to be missed! Hunting for plains game is the main focus of the ranch, however there is so much to experience in Namibia that non-hunting guests will remember their stay for years to come. 


We are committed to your comfort and experience. We believe in the freedom for all to hunt based on the principle of fair chase, sustainable and responsible utilization of wildlife within the environment we operate in.


Upon your arrival at Windhoek International Airport, you’ll be greeted by your professional hunter. They will drive you through the natural beauty of the wide African plains. It’s just over an hour’s drive to our home at Osprey Safaris. After a short rest and refreshments, the hunt will begin!

Your Professional Hunter Marius Basson is a licensed Bow and Professional Hunter (PH) and is proud to uphold the traditions of ethical and fair-chase hunting. Loving to walk Namibia’s varied terrain in search of game.  The primary objectives are always a top trophy — a magnificent animal that is nearing the end of its natural life — and a memorable hunting experience.

Our quest is your best interest at heart – at all times!

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I had the pleasure of visiting Osprey Safaris in February 2021. When I arrived in Namibia and was picked up by PH Marius Basson, I was unbelievably excited. As we drove to the ranch from Windhoek, it was amazing to see the abundant wildlife throughout the drive. In Texas we see Whitetail, Axis and Hogs on the roads but when you drive through Namibia you see Kudu towards the mountains, hartebeest and gemsbok along the beautiful grasslands and tree lined roads. I knew it was going to be the adventure of a lifetime. 


I was in awe as we approached the headquarters and went through the gates. It was so green and beautiful! Like a scene from a movie, you see the beautiful bungalows and gorgeous manicured gardens that make you feel so at ease. The sound of the water fixtures and the waterfall by the pool made it so tempting to sit down and enjoy the rest of the day. 


The hunting was challenging. It is absolutely amazing to see the guides work through the brush so carefully, so quietly, stalking game and providing you the opportunity to shoot your trophy. It was a heart pumping experience that kept me on my toes and provided me a challenge I had no experienced hunting whitetail or exotic game in Texas, Colorado, or New Mexico. I have so much respect and admiration for the PH’s on the ranch and the trackers. If you think you have truly hunted game, then come experience a hunt at Osprey and see how it is really done. 


Nikki, Marius, Alfons, Sidney, and the rest of the staff truly make you feel like you are at home, that you are a part of the ranch and family. I have been to many top tier ranches, but I will always go back to Osprey because of the wonderful people that makes this operation a true world class destination and adventure. 


Words cannot describe the beauty of this amazing ranch, the quality of hunting, the unbelievable meals, and the customer service you receive. It is a top notch adventure that everyone should experience. 

- C. Woods

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